I've been going to Dr. Rachel for over a year now and I couldn't be more pleased. My body feels well-aligned, daily stressors are naturally integrating more quickly, the unevenness of my shoulders is gone, and my neck rarely ever gets kinked anymore. I'm impressed how energized I feel post-adjustment! 

Dr. Rachel listens and genuinely cares about my life and well-being. She's the only doctor I've been to who asks such well-rounded and well-thoughtout questions to best understand what I'm dealing with and more about my entire body. She also identifies areas that I didn't know were problematic, yet post-adjustment I feel amazing; limber, well-aligned, and supported throughout the entire process.

I feel safe, understood, comfortable, and extremely well-cared for in the hands of Dr. Rachel. She is highly recommended! - C.H., Philadelphia, PA

“We as a family are very grateful to meet and have our chiropractic care with Dr. Rachel. My 5 year old son grew to really enjoy treatments as it makes him feel good and comfortable in his body. We have witnessed their relationship develop and the ways in which the integration work Dr. Rachel does, continues to help our son's progress with his current health challenges (sensory integration and epilepsy). He has become more clear with his communication skills, expressing better his physical and emotional needs as well as more open to receive body work regularly. Dr. Rachel has also been a great resource for learning about other forms of care that can further help the body to heal in combination to the chiropractic practice.

We always feel in good hands when we go for adjustments and her calm and precise approach are inspiring and grounding. As a dancer I have seen a number of chiropractors throughout my career. Yet, I often fear the abrupt manipulation of bones as I am very sensitive to shifts in my tissues and bony structure. Dr. Rachel’s gentle approach to adjustments and way of partnering with her patients makes me feel very at ease and ready for shifts to take place. I always look forward to our sessions.”   - M.R., Philadelphia, PA

What People Are Saying...

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​"I have been utilizing chiropractic care for over 14 years and have experienced many different techniques from various doctors. During my first visit with Dr. Rachel, I knew right away that being under her care would be a completely different experience than what I was used to. Instead of the typical routine of going into a chiropractor's office and getting adjusted right away without any back story, Dr. Rachel took the necessary time to really understand issues I had been having over time and to also understand my everyday life to get a better grasp on what might be causing my problems. The BGI technique she uses is something I was not familiar with previously. However, I was hooked after my first adjustment. Using a combination of gentle and powerful force to correct subluxations in not just my back, but other parts of my body as well, is something so unique, I would highly recommend giving Dr. Rachel the opportunity to make a difference in your life.” - N.G., Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Rachel is the best!!! Her approach to chiropractic work is truly unique. I have seen dramatic improvements in my physical structure and my life.  I have been to other “snap, crackle, pop” chiropractors in the past…but her detailed, comprehensive, and gentle approach works with my body and breath verses aggressive forced manipulations. Working with Dr. Rachel has begun to transform my body, mind and soul. I’m excited to continue this journey of unwinding the spine to help me open up to life’s greatest potential!" - J.D., Philadelphia, PA

"At first I was pretty skeptical of the whole idea of "chiropractors"... but a very good friend of mine, who knows how health-focused I am, strongly encouraged me to meet with Dr. Rachel.  My first response was, "no, no, I don't want all that intense cracking" to which my friend replied, "actually, it's really not like that.  Dr. Rachel has a very gentle and conservative approach."  So, I gave it a shot and with that, I am now a proud consumer of regular chiropractic care.  I find Dr. Rachel to be a true anatomical expert.  She listens, she's present, she gets it, and she delivers an unbelievably good service at a truly affordable price point.  I have and continue to learn a great deal about the field and myself in the year that I have been working with Dr. Rachel and remain open and eager to continue my treatment with her indefinitely.  I leave feeling balanced, empowered, focused, and overall very good about myself.  Her office hours are amenable to nearly any weekly schedule and not that this is a deal breaker but - free parking folks, complete with a lot!  Dr. Rachel Pawlikowski is definitely where it's at for chiropractic wellness in the Philadelphia area.  So glad I was connected!" - D.D. Philadelphia, PA