Have you ever noticed the patterns and organization in nature? (Check out these stunning photos) This is known as Sacred Geometry. One notorious pattern is the Tree of Life, which has been recognized by ancient traditions dating back to the origin of man and consciousness. The human body’s geometry is utilized in BGI and matches that of the Tree of Life. When you realize the significance of the Tree of Life reflected in the human form, you can’t help but recognize the design of our body was intentional and no accident. Utilizing the awareness of the body’s geometry offers a ground breaking and incredibly precise means of analyzing and adjusting the body for subluxations.

A Unique Chiropractic Adjustment utilizing Bio-Geometric Integration

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As we go through life, we experience a myriad of stresses. These stresses can be classified as physical stresses (injury, surgery, illness, motor vehicle accidents, etc.), chemical stresses (pollution, junk food, alcohol, caffeine, medications, etc.) and mental/emotional stresses (anger, fear, job-related stress, relationship stress, etc.). Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) assists your body to use these stresses in a positive and productive manner instead of trying to eliminate or manage them. After all, stresses are a vital part of the human experience and let’s face it, stress is here to stay! BGI recognizes that stress can be fuel and energy for your body to heal and grow. BGI empowers your body to integrate life's stressors and in turn your body has been gifted another opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve from the un-integrated life experience/stressor.

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"The art of chiropractic is much more than the application of a technique or an introduction of a force. It is a melding of substance and being; of technical precision and heart centered connection. In the moment of the adjustment, two become one; a synergistic flow begins toward growth and evolution. The power of creativity and nature are unleashed, awakening us to the realization that the adjustment is alive and dynamically in motion.”

Dr. Sue Brown, Chiropractor – Founder and Developer of BGI