We recognize that everyone is much more than the sum of his or her parts and we honor the wholeness of the person: mind-body-spirit. We aim to inspire our community to trust the healer within and to live an integrated life.

Top 5 Reasons to see a Chiropractor:

Chiropractic Purpose 

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Chiropractic for the WHOLE family

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Mt. Airy Chiropractic offers a unique chiropractic adjustment based on your body's specific, individualized, needs.

Mt. Airy Chiropractic in Philadelphia provides a gentle way of delivering 

chiropractic utilizing Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI).

BGI chiropractic releases the body’s infinite potential to heal and express health and vitality through the body's innate sacred geometry.


20 E Mt Airy Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

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1. Stronger Immune System

2. More Energy

3. Better Focus and Brain Function

4. Increased Flexibility

5. Healthier Children